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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

New Year, New Beginnings

Today is the last day of the decade. Tomorrow, a whole new decade opens up. This is so exciting.

Let it be the same where your health is concerned. Whatever is in the past, let's leave it there. Let the present be a present to yourself. You are important, don't take your life lightly anymore. You should not have to bear with aches and pains, poor health, constant visits to the doctors, and worse still, getting in and out of the hospitals.

You are the only want who is responsible for your own health and well-being. Don't delegate this responsibility to anyone else. Not to the doctor, or to your spouse, or even to your kids. I've heard countless times from some of my clients - "I can eat healthy when I'm alone, but when I'm with my family, I have to eat what everybody likes." What B*S@#t is that! Don't blame everyone else. If no one in the family listens to you, you just take a firm stand to eat what you know is good for your body. Because at the end of the day, you will be the one feeling the pain. You will also be causing them pain - emotional pain.

Sorry for ranting, but I really feel so impatient with people who can't even take the responsibility for what they are doing to their bodies. If you tell me, "I don't care," or even, "I don't believe what I eat or do is going to affect my health," well and good. But to blame others, that is a BIG No-No.

So what do I propose - take the time to invest wisely in your health NOW. Or you can save all your money and give it to the doctor a few years down the road. And face it, it's not a case of seeing if you get "lucky" or not. Statistics given by the Singapore Ministry of Health, Burden of Disease Report 2017 gives the sobering truth:
  1. Chronic diseases account for 83% of all deaths.
  2. 1 in 3 people are diagnosed with cancer.
  3. 1 in 9 aged 18 to 69 years has diabetes – 440,000 in 2014, and expected to touch 1 million by 2050.
  4. 1 in 3 aged 18 to 69 years are overweight, with 1 in 11 being obese in 2017.
  5. Everyday, 15 people die from cardiovascular disease.
  6. By 2020, number of dementia patients is expected to double to 45,000, where Alzheimer’s is the most common cause (50 -60%).

So yes, if you want to stay healthy for life, you have to be in the minority not the majority. You have to be willing to do what most other people don't want or can't be bothered to do.

So for me and my husband, we choose to stay healthy for life. Please allow me to share with you what we do for ourselves:
1. Take as least 5-7 servings of vegetables already. That's the minimum found in the PowerCocktail we drink every morning without fail, whether we are at home or travelling. Besides that my husband also starts the day with a salad, which he loves.
2. Take our Omega3 and Q10 every morning with our PowerCocktail.
3. Every night, take our Restorate (with all the essential minerals and vitamin D) with our Beauty drink of collagen peptides.
4. Once every 6 months, we take the D-Drink for detox and heavy metal chelation.
5. We don't smoke or drink a lot, only the occasional glass of wine or beer for Patrick.
6. We exercise.

And, yes, we enjoy LIFE. Now do you wonder why no one can believe us when we tell them our age? Write to me today if you want to share your story or your challenges or have questions.

So have a great 2020 and may you stay Healthy for Life!